Banner Making

The Banner Group has been in existence since 1993 following a challenge from our minister at that time, Rev.Jill Whiley. The first banner was made to celebrate Pentecost. Since that time we have made a total of eighteen banners.

These were made either to celebrate a special occasion such as Christmas or Easter or for special services such as Communion or Weddings. Some commemorated particular occasions in the life of our Church especially when the refurbishment was complete and when we had the Stewardship 'GROWTH' Programme. Other banners were made to be thought provoking and to enable people to focus their minds when they come into Church.

We are a small group that meet on an ad hoc basis as and when necessary or when we feel inspired to make a new banner. We meet in our homes and much of the work is undertaken at home.It is a privilege to be able to make banners, which we feel enhance the Church and enable quiet reflection. It is such a joy when we receive feedback, especially from visitors, who find them so helpful and at times comforting.

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