At Grangewood, we have two Brownie packs.  The 3rd Wollaton Brownies meet on Wednesday evenings and the 5th Wollaton Brownies meet on Thursday evenings during school term times. Both packs meet 6.00 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. They enjoy lots of activities such as playing games, singing songs, making crafty things, cooking,  swimming, bowling and trips out with outdoor activities when the weather permits.

We encourage our Brownies to work for interest badges, which could be anything from animal lover to circus skills to star gazing. Brownies can work for interest badges either individually or we will work together as a unit.

We also go on two pack holidays a year.  A pack holiday is when we take Brownies away to a special house for two, three or four nights.  While we are there the girls help with the cooking and cleaning, they prepare a short prayer service, they make things, play games, visit places of interest and generally have a lot of fun.

Brownies join us at 7 years old and leave to join Guides between 10 and 11 years

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